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There is a list of medicines containing "Doxycycline Hyclate" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Doxycycline Hyclate drugs The last trade name of products
Abadox Abadox - Alodox Alodox
Alti-Doxycycline Alti-Doxycycline - Azudoxat-T Azudoxat-T
Bassado Bassado - By-Mycin By-Mycin
Calierdoxina Calierdoxina - Compomix-V Doxycycline Compomix-V Doxycycline
Comxin Comxin - Diludox Diludox
Diocimex Diocimex - Doksiciklin (Jagodinalek) Doksiciklin (Jagodinalek)
Doksiciklin (Jugoremedija) Doksiciklin (Jugoremedija) - Doxabic Doxabic
Doxaclen Doxaclen - Doxibac Doxibac
Doxibon Doxibon - Doxiciclina (Cipla) Doxiciclina (Cipla)
Doxiciclina (Cotecnica) Doxiciclina (Cotecnica) - Doxicivall Doxicivall
Doxiclat Doxiclat - Doxifin Doxifin
Doxigalumicina Doxigalumicina - Doxinate Doxinate
Doxine Doxine - Doxiryl Doxiryl
Doxi-Sergo Doxi-Sergo - Doxivrix Doxivrix
Doxoral Doxoral - Doxy (Fresenius) Doxy (Fresenius)
Doxy (HealthCare PharmaScience) Doxy (HealthCare PharmaScience) - Doxy Komb. Doxy Komb.
Doxy von CT Doxy von CT - Doxycin (Riva Laboratoire) Doxycin (Riva Laboratoire)
Doxycin (Zoovetvaru) Doxycin (Zoovetvaru) - Doxycyclin (Dopharma) Doxycyclin (Dopharma)
Doxycyclin (Genericon Pharma) Doxycyclin (Genericon Pharma) - Doxycyclin-Cimex Doxycyclin-Cimex
Doxycycline (Actavis) Doxycycline (Actavis) - Doxycycline (Axiom Pharm) Doxycycline (Axiom Pharm)
Doxycycline (Baxter) Doxycycline (Baxter) - Doxycycline (Corepharma) Doxycycline (Corepharma)
Doxycycline (Crescent Pharma) Doxycycline (Crescent Pharma) - Doxycycline (GNR-Pharma Laboratoires) Doxycycline (GNR-Pharma Laboratoires)
Doxycycline (Green Cross Corporation) Doxycycline (Green Cross Corporation) - Doxycycline (Huons) Doxycycline (Huons)
Doxycycline (Impax Laboratories) Doxycycline (Impax Laboratories) - Doxycycline (Lannett) Doxycycline (Lannett)
Doxycycline (Larken Laboratories) Doxycycline (Larken Laboratories) - Doxycycline (Osoth Inter Laboratories) Doxycycline (Osoth Inter Laboratories)
Doxycycline (Par Pharmaceutical) Doxycycline (Par Pharmaceutical) - Doxycycline (RiteMED Phils) Doxycycline (RiteMED Phils)
Doxycycline (Sandoz) Doxycycline (Sandoz) - Doxycycline (United Laboratories) Doxycycline (United Laboratories)
Doxycycline (V.M.D.) Doxycycline (V.M.D.) - Doxycyclin-SF Doxycyclin-SF
Doxycyclinum Doxycyclinum - Doxydyn Doxydyn
Doxyfar Doxyfar - Doxyklear Doxyklear
Doxylag Doxylag - Doxylin (Entod Pharmaceuticals) Doxylin (Entod Pharmaceuticals)
Doxylin (T. P. Drug Laboratories) Doxylin (T.P. Drug Laboratories) - Doxymina Doxymina
Doxymix Doxymix - Doxy-Ort Doxy-Ort
Doxy-P Doxy-P - Doxyril Doxyril
Doxyseptin Doxyseptin - Doxytem Doxytem
Doxytrex Doxytrex - Duo-Gobens Duo-Gobens
DuraDox DuraDox - Farmodoxi Farmodoxi
Fatrociclina Fatrociclina - Helvedoclyn Helvedoclyn
Heska Heska - Iclados Iclados
Idocyklin Idocyklin - Ladox Ladox
Ladoxyn Ladoxyn - Mastermix Doxiciclina Mastermix Doxiciclina
Mededoxi Mededoxi - Minidox Minidox
Miraclin Miraclin - Noxen Noxen
NTP-Doxycycline NTP-Doxycycline - Perioxil Perioxil
Perlium Doxyval Perlium Doxyval - Proderma Proderma
Prodox Prodox - Remicyclin-D Remicyclin-D
Remycin Remycin - Ronaxan Ronaxan
Roxidolin Roxidolin - Smilitene Smilitene
Soldoxin Soldoxin - Supramicycina Supramicycina
Supramicycina Forte Supramicycina Forte - Teradoxin Teradoxin
Tetradox Tetradox - Unidoxi Unidoxi
Uni-Doxiciclin Uni-Doxiciclin - Viadoxin Viadoxin
Vibazine Vibazine - Vibravenos Vibravenos
VibraVet VibraVet - Zadorin Zadorin

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